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Animals of the World -
Children's Art Membership

One membership for the entire family  
12 multimedia art projects
Learn Geography, Zoology and Art Skills

Each Month your family will have access to:

  • 3 video art lessons to create 1 frameable masterpiece. 

  • A safe, private, community group to share your artwork and see the artwork of fellow artist members.

  • Vocabulary and facts about each animal and the biome in which they live.

  • 1 BONUS "How to Draw" video lesson

Save $ - Make one payment.

chameleon art project
The Axolotl
The Short-beaked Echidna
The Eurasian Lynx
The Horseshoe Crab
The Red Panda
The Plains Zebra
The Emperor Penguin
The Bald Eagle
The Red-bellied Piranha
The King Cobra
The Arctic Fox
Art Supply List
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