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Check Out Our
Creative Play
Schedule for 2024!

Join us for a fantastic family art experience! Adults and children can come together to unleash their creativity and have a blast.  With themes and activities changing daily, the fun never stops!

​Q & A

Is this a class?

  • No, Creative Play is workshop where adults will create along side their children, helping them when needed. One adult is required along side every 3 children.

I'm not artsy, what if I don't know what to do?

  • Do not worry, there are directions for every activity and there is always an art teacher to help you and your child if you need extra guidance.

What ages is this activity for?

  • This activity is for children ages 3 and up. Children under 3 will not be allowed in the studio during this time. Adults accompanying the artists will be responsible for their artists durning Creative Play, therefore they cannot be watching other siblings.

May I bring older siblings that will not be doing art?

  • Unfortunately, due to limited space in the art room, we can only have the children and their adults that are participating in this activity. 1 adult for up to 3 artists.

My child is older, may I drop them off to work without my being there.

  • This is not a drop off activity. It is a workshop where adults will create along side their children, helping them when needed. One adult is required along side every 3 children.

What if we finish our project before the hour is up?

  • You may create as many projects as you wish during your 1 hour session.

What if my child wants to do something different than the projects presented?

  • if your child would like to draw or paint something other than our theme for the day that is fine, but we cannot get out extra materials that are not being used during the session.

When is Creative Play open?

  • We are open Saturdays from 1-4pm and most No School Days during the SCPS 2024-2025 school year, including the first 2 weeks of August (Aug 1-10th except Sunday).

What is the cost?

  • ​The cost is $15 per person, 1 adult for every 3 kids is free. Or buy a pack and get 4 sessions for $50. The 4 sessions can be used for multiple sessions in one day, one session each week for 4 weeks, or even for 4 people at one session. Packs expire 30 days after purchase and there are no refunds.

Can I pay when I get there?

  • ​There are only 8 child seats for each 1 hour session therefore enrollment must take place online, at least 60 min. before session is scheduled to begin.

What else do I have to purchase?

  • Nothing.  All supplies are included.

​Anything else I need to know?

  • Only that creating can get messy, please dress for a mess and feel free to bring your own smock or apron. (We have child size aprons with logos, that can be purchased online with your registration.)

Up-Coming Dates/themes*

*Themes and activities subject to change.

  • Sat., July 20 - Sweet Treats Activities include: cupcake or ice cream collage, lollipops, cardboard cookies, cupcake or cake painting, party animal paintings.

  • Sat., July 27 - Dinosaurs Activities include: Baby dinosaur in an egg, paper fossils, dinosaur watercolor painting, 3D fossil box.

  • Thurs., August 1 - Pirates Activities include: pirate ship collage, pirate ship painting, 3D pirate ship build.

  • Fri., August 2 - Ocean Animals Activities include: paper sea creatures, whale/shark watercolor paintings, ocean animal paintings

  • Sat., August 3 - Rainforest Activities include: 3D parrot, watercolor animal paintings, pastel landscapes

  • Sunday, Aug 4th - We are currently closed on Sundays.

  • Mon., August 5 - Circus Activities include: circus train, trained seal drawing, cardboard lion, clown face.

  • Tues., Aug. 6 - Bugs Activities include: create a bug, paper butterfly collage, 3D cardboard bugs, butterfly painting.

  • Wed., Aug. 7 - Robots

  • Thurs., Aug. 8 - Mermaids

  • Friday, Aug. 9 - Endangered Animals

  • Sat., Aug. 10 - Unicorns

Check back for updates.
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