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Attention Local Lovers
of the ARTS!


I am Stephanie Cox, owner of The Art Cart - Mobile Art Studio LLC, here in Stafford County and I have an incredible opportunity for you to consider. As a former Title I classroom teacher and ESOL specialist, I wish to enhance the education of our low income students in the Stafford County Public School system by providing access to my children’s art studio mobile app. 

To do so, I need your help. 

According to the most recent VDOE National School Lunch Program Free and Reduced Lunch Report, there are 9,916 students in SCPS who receive free or reduced lunch. These high risk learners would benefit from additional support outside of the school day, but extra activities often cannot be afforded by their families. What I have to offer are art classes that will help them practice the skills of critical thinking, collaboration, communication, creativity, citizenship and wellness. According to a report authored by James Catterall and others, "Students who have arts-rich experiences in school do better across-the-board academically, and they also become more active and engaged citizens, voting, volunteering, and generally participating at higher rates than their peers." - Rocco Landesman, Chairman, National Endowment for the Arts.

How does that involve you?

I am gathering sponsors who are committed to extending the ARTS to our vulnerable learners:

* relocated refugees
* homeless/displaced
* foster kids
* low-income
* ELL’s


Each child will receive an “Art on the Go” bag consisting of:

  • A drawstring backpack

  • A sketchbook

  • Colored pencils

  • # 2 pencils

  • A pencil sharpener

  • An eraser 

  • A ruler


And a 3 month membership to The Art Cart Mobile App., where each week there will be a new art lesson for each of 3 different skill levels. There is also a private, Artist Recognition, community on my web page, where students can share their artworks with others and receive positive feedback from me and others in the community. This community is not connected to any social media outlet. This simple to use app works on any digital device but SCPS gave a Chromebook computer to each student and helped families to enroll in a low cost internet program at the start of Covid that would work perfectly with this App.

With the support of donors, every 3 months new students will have this opportunity.

My goal for the first quarter (June - August,) is to distribute these “Art on the Go” bags to 1,025 kids by May 15, 2022, so that these students will be able to learn and create all summer. These kids are in attendance at Anne Moncure Elementary and Kate Waller Barrett Elementary School. I chose these schools to begin the first quarter of this program, since they have the largest percentage of students who qualify for free and reduced lunch in SCPS, 52% and 50%.  


For this first quarter I am only offering this opportunity to 3 Bronze Level donors,  2 Silver and 2 Gold Level donors and 1 Platinum Level donor:

  • Bronze level: $500 - Name listed on flyer inside all bags as a sponsor

  • Silver: $750 - Same as bronze plus name on website post as a sponsor

  • Gold: $1500 - Same as silver plus will be included in advertising materials for The Art Cart - Mobile Art Studio LLC.

  • Platinum: $2500 - Same as gold plus your name on the "Art on the Go" bag.


Help me to help Stafford County’s most needy students to succeed!

All donations must be made by April 15, 2022 in order to order the “Art on the Go” bags and have them ready to deliver to the students. 

Here is a glimpse of some of the lessons on The Art Cart Mobile App.
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